A comprehensive approach to DevOps Enablement

ANATAS has extensive experience introducing DevOps into an organisation. Our engagements have shown that automation at system level alone does not provide a successful transformation.

Changing behaviour, process and government

Talented changes to process and governance

Broad engagement and behaviour change

Uplifting teams and establishing repeatable patterns

Uplift delivery teams

Coaching capability and repeatable patterns

Continuous delivery platform

CD Platform operating model

CD Platform

We have a 3-level approach that ensures a successful transformation by uplifting capabilities at organisational level and not just IT.

Through our work with our clients, we have confirmed and refined the effectiveness of our 3-level approach. Supplemented with best-in-class training and a refined coaching framework, we have the expertise to guide you on your transformation journey.

Culture and Behaviour

Culture and Process Uplift

Culture and Process Uplift

  • Establish enablers for Lean / Agile approaches
  • Determine roadmap for cultural transformation
  • Ensure exec buy-in for new ways of working
Training and coaching

Training and coaching

  • Define training needs according to uplift plan
  • Provide vendor-neutral training in areas highlighted
  • Continue coaching teams in order to cement the learning

Technology and Delivery

Continuous Delivery Strategy

Continuous Delivery Strategy

  • Establish priorities for Application Delivery
  • Determine Business case for activities
  • Create technical and business roadmap
Advanced Developer Operations

Advanced Developer/Operations

  • Implement self service portal for dev resources
  • Company wide operation visibility and management
  • Create project chargeback services based on usage
Container Platform


Container Platform

  • Transform applications for multi-cloud agility
  • Greater application density
  • Automated scaling for demand, reliability and availability