Cloud & Virtualisation Services

Design, Planning and Execution

ANATAS is uniquely capable of rapidly providing experienced Cloud and certified VMware specialists with the right technical expertise for your project. We leverage our long history in successfully delivering IT projects to manage design, planning and execution for outcomes.

Whether it's implementing new infrastructure, migrating legacy platforms or lifecycle management, our consultants analyse your environment, provide design & architectural guidance and detailed plans for deployment.

We combine an architecture-driven approach, adherence to industry best practice and industry experience together with our own IP to deliver robust and high performing solutions for our clients. ANATAS recognise that organisations have heterogeneous environments comprising multiple vendor products, legacy systems, open source software and cloud based solutions - ANATAS has extensive experience delivering integration solutions within heterogeneous technology environments. By engaging ANATAS you will gain access to experts with experience across multiple vendor platforms as well expertise with related disciplines such as IT Strategy, Cloud Architecture, Digital Innovation and DevOps.