• Test Strategy & Architecture

    Testing is a critical part of any software delivery lifecycle and is how enterprises ensure quality, manage risk, and assure delivery on projects. Production issues and delivery delays cause profit loss, competitiveness and customer loyalty. For organisations that get their software testing right, the benefits are immense and measureable. ANATAS’ capabilities span every major methodology, technology, vendor and process.

    Fit for Purpose

    Developing an appropriate test strategy or test approach is key to assuring quality in an effective and efficient process. In order to achieve this, certain factors need to be determined such as the risks, skill level and maturity, objectives, technology and business impacts. During the testing process ignoring or overlooking the software architecture can cause significant problems, due to the structures that comprise the software architecture ensure the quality attributes and allow the system to meet its business goals. ANATAS consultants have extensive experience in developing and reviewing test architecture, test strategies and test plans for individual projects or across the enterprise.

    In Waterfall, V-model and Agile approaches we often see teams conducting various forms of testing during project lifecycles. ANATAS take a holistic approach to quality assurance via test strategy and architecture to improve your business agility and reduce risk. ANATAS can provide the following services to improve your organisations ability:

    • Test Maturity Assessment

    • Methodology and architecture

    • Planning, Design, Execution

    • Test Execution and Defect Tracking

    • Team Management

    • Release Management

  • Testing and Service Virtualisation

    Compressing time to market throughout the software delivery lifecycle is commonplace with new methodologies and techniques in modern projects. However, how do you ensure that all of your project teams aren’t constrained by availability of applications or services? Service Virtualisation can solve these common issues by testing earlier (shifting testing left) in the software delivery lifecycle. Service virtualisation allows you to significantly reduce risks in development while virtualising unavailable or constrained systems, improving quality and increasing speed of delivery.

    Service Virtualisation overcomes dependencies on downstream applications or services allowing integration and system testing to be started earlier in the lifecycle.

    Understanding the benefits of testing earlier in the lifecycle, ANATAS introduced Service Virtualisation to the Australian market with the two of largest global sales for one major vendor. ANATAS have experience installing and configuring best of breed testing solutions such as IBM Rational Test Workbench, Parasoft SOATest and CA LISA that provide savings through automation and reuse to our customers. We’ve witnessed clients virtualising applications and services for large costs with little return unabated. ANATAS helps clients understand when and how to use service virtualisation to maximise savings within development and integration teams.

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