Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services is a priority support programme that enables organisations to outsource management of their Oracle, IBM or Software AG integration environments to a dedicated team of certified professionals

The service offers a help and issue-based support model by providing a 24x7 service desk as the single point of contact for customers to request services and report problems. The service desk also handles tracking and escalation procedures.

You can expect Managed Services to provide:

  • Assistance with the management and administration of its enterprise integration applications and environment. These services can be provided remotely by our consultants or on site if required.

  • Access to all ANATAS support resources and services for a predictable cost.

  • Initial consulting so we understand your environment.

  • Support services tailored to the required response time and forecast requirements under a flexible monthly subscription.

  • Thought leadership on enterprise initiatives/products, industry trends, current/future technology directions and innovations.

  • Assistance with progression of Problem Management Records (PMRs) Continuity of service regardless of individual leave and staff turnover.

  • A single point of contact to access multiple skill-sets at competitive rates to assist with scoped work.

  • Problem resolution simultaneously over multiple geographies.

  • Proactive monitoring of its environment to eliminate problems before they occur by maintaining best practice.

Managed Services is available in a flexible monthly subscription format, which provides direct access to support services with defined service levels.

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