Cloud Solutions

  • A Sizable Shift with Hybrid Cloud Integration

    The breadth of integration solutions is expanding to stretch outside enterprise boundaries, with endpoints skyrocketing such as mobile applications, cloud applications, and SMART device sensors to have access to enterprise applications and services. With a broad spectrum of new opportunities from increasing responsiveness to deeper customer insights, the challenges of maintaining availability of business-critical systems and the pressing need to integrate cloud applications with on-premises applications is more important.

    As an end-to-end integration specialist company we can assist from Cloud integration Strategy, Architecture & Design, Testing, Operation and Support of your Integration roadmap and domains.

    Hybrid Integration

    The new Integration Reference Architecture. A seismic shift occurring in industry, the proliferation of software as a service (SaaS) providers in the market has greatly impacted the way we think about enterprise architecture and data persisting outside the enterprise. Our Integration Specialists have strong experience with the hybrid cloud ecosystem and can assist the creation or execution of integration roadmaps, architecture to technical expertise within our partner products.

    On-premises Integration

    We utilise market leading vendor solutions to integrate systems for complex, mission-critical projects in your environment. Our certified expert consultants will assist in your delivery using industry standards and best practice design principles ensures successful implementation.

    Cloud Integration (Also known as iPaaS)

    As more organisations start to adopt SaaS functions and require data to be exchanged from application to application resulting in cloud integration as a critical component within the evolving landscape. Whether it's your just staring out or advanced our cloud integration specialist utilise a number of best practise approach to work closely with you to achieve your objectives. Current clients have found our Cloud Integration 3 day health check to provide an excellent baseline to leverage for future planning.

  • Managed Cloud Solutions

    The pace of technology innovation now means there are more tools than ever before for businesses to engage their customers, enable their staff and drive efficiency across their organisation. Cloud has revolutionised how business can embrace this technology and has given organisations more flexibility than ever before. ANATAS offers a range of cloud solutions that are optimised for high performance and reliability. Our platform provides you with the necessary security and robustness to give you peace of mind:

    International-owned and Australian-owned providers with Tier 1,2 and 3 data centres depending on your requirements

    Full management of back up and disaster recovery practices

    Dedicated operations team with 24/7 monitoring

    Our highly experienced team will work with you to understand your needs and recommend a solution that is tailored to your security needs and internal capability. Combined with our Application Development and Integration expertise we can provide an end-to-end experience that is agile, efficient and frees you up to focus on your core business.

    Our Cloud Services Offering:

    Cloud Platform

    We provide a Cloud Platform that is optimised for high performance and reliability

    Custom Cloud

    We can set up a private cloud environment dedicated solely to your business within our data centre. We can also offer hybrid solutions with a combination of public, private and on-premise hosting to suit your operational and governance requirements.

    Application Management for IP Build Systems

    We will take full ownership of applications we've developed on your behalf. We have a dedicated support team to respond to alerts, perform diagnosis and resolve issues within agreed timeframes.

    Managed AWS Services

    We will take full ownership of applications we've developed on your behalf. We have a dedicated support team to respond to alerts, perform diagnosis and resolve issues within agreed timeframes.

  • Software Solutions

    Plain Old Service Orchestration (POSO)

    Plain Old Service Orchestration (POSO) is an open-source light-weight modern service orchestration system which replaces legacy, proprietary orchestration and integration systems in modern application development. POSO is tenanted, secure, and robust such that it is conveniently delivered as an enterprise-grade service.

    To find out more about this enterprise solution, contact ANATAS today.

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