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Resource Centre | February 16, 2019

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Small businesses can still have an effective IT staff

Don't let budget constraints stop your company from succeeding; IT managed services is a valuable asset.

Australia is a nation of small businesses, and its economic health can largely be influenced by that very subset.

When small- and medium-sized companies do well, employment rises in the region. Whether it be front- and back-of-house staff or contractors, management must put its organisation in a position to succeed. But modern enterprise prosperity is so closely tied to the way in which technology is deployed, that many businesses stagnate because they don't believe they have the IT staff to handle any major upgrades and the complexities associated with them.

93 per cent of Australian business have between onand 19 employees.

That's often the case because some owners don't understand all the options at their disposal, including IT managed services.

Australia under a microscope

Of the roughly 853,000 companies with employees in Australia, nearly 849,000 employ between 1 and 199 staff members, according to data from the Australian Business Register and Australian Taxation Office. Within that, 93 per cent of all organisations in the country only have between one and 19 workers.

Limited resources, both in the form of human capital, liquidity and equipment, can put these companies in a tough situation. Look no further for proof than the 70 per cent of respondents to a Horowitz and Associates study that identified their greatest IT challenge as simply integrating new technologies that can help reach their business goals.

While much larger companies are enjoying the benefits of cloud computing and other innovative upgrades that can improve operations and provide a return on investments, smaller organisations are held back by an issue that's no fault of their own. A lack of an effective IT department can cripple a business in this day and age, but management doesn't need to spend thousands of dollars on new hires – managed cloud services have emerged as a popular option for its cost-saving benefits.

Small business owners can shift IT responsibility to managed services teams.Small business owners can shift IT responsibility to managed services teams.

Advantages of outsourcing

A shortfall of manpower doesn't preclude small businesses from contending with larger competitors. By using IT managed services from an expert provider, organisations receive the same dedication of an IT department, without the usual cost that comes with hiring skilled professionals in the field.

Managed services can help with hybrid cloud integration.

In a nutshell, managed services provides a dedicated team that can monitor your IT infrastructure remotely, assisting you should any problems arise and defending your network from potential cyberattacks. It can handle something as minor as help desk support, or a larger project such as cloud integration.

For small businesses – which compose the majority of the Australian economy – this allows them to gain access to powerful, innovative technologies without compromising on the future growth of the company.

The benefits of deploying such a service are far-reaching:

  • Improved cybersecurity.
  • Reduced costs for human capital and downtime typically associated with companies that don't have IT personnel.
  • Better ability to gain market share through implementation of cutting-edge technologies.
  • More control over IT costs.

In many situations, outsourcing IT represents a considerable upgrade over whichever strategy was initially in place – often an employee with cursory knowledge of computers being assigned to fix any large problems. This in itself allows small businesses to better utilise the staff members they have.

Moving forward, enterprise success will be dictated by a number of efforts; developing and integrating internal applications that streamline productivity and processes is one of them. But, without the power of cloud computing, many organisations will struggle to maintain consistent up-time – or even deploy the programs.

The smart move for companies that are tight on budget is to incorporate managed services into their long-term plans, allowing them to reach their short-term goals without overreaching. For more information on IT managed services, contact an ANATAS representative today.

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